7 days in Chongqing, China

We visited Chongqing, China for about 7 days to see a friend, who gratefully showed us around Chongqing 🙂


Wulong National Park in Wulong county, Chongqing is a very beautiful place, definitely a place to visit if you’re in Chongqing! It’s about a 3hrs drive out of the city, so best to plan an overnight stay for this. There’s multiple scenic areas to see within Wulong. We went to the Three Natural Bridges and the Longshuixia Fissure Gorge.

Three Natural Bridges

Wulong Tiankeng Three Bridges stairs down

The views at the Three Natural Bridges is amazing, especially the view of the traditional house from the top. The Transformers 4 and a chinese movie was filmed in this location.

Longshuixia Fissure Gorge

waterfall Longshuixia Fissure Gorge Wulong
Longshuixia Fissure Gorge, Wulong

I really loved walking through this Gorge, we went through a pathway down in the valley by a river and saw a waterfall. The whole way through the path was very very nice. I enjoyed it a lot. It was also cooler at this location.


We went to the Wu Long performance (directed by Zhang Yimou) which is a musical set in a live scenic mountainous environment, at the Peach Garden Canyon. The musical performance is about the historical culture of the people living in this area of China, it’s a great show! I didn’t think about taking pictures while watching the show so I have none to show lol. Here’s a picture from around the area though:

Peach Garden Canyon, Chonqing


Dazu Wheel of Life
Dazu Wheel of Life

Buddhist Dazu Rock Carvings in Dazu, Chongqing are rock carvings dating back from around the 9th to 13th centuries. We hired a guide who talked about the meaning behind the carvings, which is surprisingly gruesome lol, stories of different ways of torture if you go to the other side (the bad side) after you die. 


Ciqikou Ancient Town Chongqing

Ciqikou (porcelain village) is where you can see architecture from the Ming and Qing dynasties, with tea houses, local food shops, etc. It’s very busy but fun to walk through the various shops. We randomly went into a place that was doing a traditional opera show.

Chinese opera performance at Ciqikou Chongqing
licorice covered candy lightloca
Licorice covered candy, I loved these as a kid
Candy with sesame


This is where you can go shopping and get late night food. It’s quite lively here at night. My friend introduced me to a well known spicy and sour noodle dish that was amazing, would definitely eat that again lol.


This is one location we were planning to go see but the day happened to be a holiday and there was soooo many people that the police had to come in to direct the huge traffic of people and they closed out the area so we couldn’t go in….

Chongqing at night

It was later that I heard Chongqing is a very hard place to navigate around, especially for people not native to the area, so I’m really grateful we had a friend who could show us around 😀

See the photos I took in Chongqing, China.

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