Tools & Resources

Here’s tools and resources I use for traveling and photography 🙂

Travel – I use this mainly to book hotels/accommodations while traveling. I noticed their prices are cheaper and if you book a ton of hotels through them, you can become a “genius” status and get additional discounts for your bookings.

Splitwise app – I use this to track shared expenses with traveling friends. It is very easy and useful, I love this app 🙂

Tripit app – This is a cool trip planner app that captures all your flight tickets, hotel bookings, car rental, etc into one location. How it works is it reads your email confirmations and push those info into the app so you have all your itinerary into one location. I used this while traveling and it was really nice to see all my reservations in one place.

Google Maps – A very very useful app to get around while traveling the world. I’ve used it pretty much in every country that I visited.

Google Flights, Skyscanner, Momondo – My first step in looking at flight prices is to look on Google Flights, to see the general price range. Then I check on and for their flight prices.

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